Фикописательство по Игре Престолов с первой попытки таки заглохло. Вообще, сложно по-русски писать, когда и книги, и сериал были на английском. Зато, уп-па, дубль два - и все зашло как надо. Уже шесть глав наваяла, и даже бета сама нашлась. Жизнь прекрасна.

Игра Престолов. "Ваша Жена"
Нед\Кет АУшка о том, что случилось бы, если бы Кейтилин после захвата Тириона вернули насильно в столицу. Ну, и все как обычно - насилие, подковерные интриги и так далее.

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"Your husband is an honorable man, Cat," the king begins as she's staring at her husband. "He says you were following his orders when you kidnapped my wife's brother, but I don't believe he's that stupid.". She trembles. No. No, he told her not to do anything. She disobeyed. And then - the worst - she was wrong. Tyrion Lannister proved his innocence at a trial by combat, forcing her to let him go, which she hadn't. "Leave! All of you!" the king yells, and the guards and lords and ladies all awake from some kind of trance and start to move towards the door. In a matter of moments the throne room is deserted. "For God's sake, Cat, what the fuck were you thinking?" the king gets up and walks down the steps. "Do you know how many people died because of you today? You..." he breathes heavily. He looks furious. "Politics are not for women," the king continues, "And there's no way I'll believe Ned commanded you to do this shit! This is fucking treason! So, what is he? A traitor or a liar?"

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